Some more shots with the LOMO BELAIR /2

Some more examples with the BELAIR. What do you think about these pics?


Not that bad? 
And now ... imagine having them shot with a sharp lens and a camera which can be placed on a stable tripod? A FUJI 6x12 or even a HASSELBLAD XPAN, e.g.? 

It's very sad, that this BELAIR camera cannot be used for "photography" in the usual sense, the construction of this camera is such an awful mistake: 
  • it is nearly impossible to release the shutter without blur
  • it is not possible to attach a cable release to avoid blur - therefore you cannot use it on a tripod
  • the film is not winding properly and -even worse- it is not lying flat in the camera body. 
A little bit of thinking and some cents spent for some parts would have made  a photographic camera instead of a lomographic device.
If you need a BELAIR ... just contact me. 

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